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REDkit wiki REGISTRATION is currently disabled. To register please contact us at free_backup(at sign)cdprojektred.com adding the tag [REDkit wiki] in the topic. Please also provide a login you would like to use for your account. A support representative will add an account for you manually and contact you to inform you about it.

This is a community-run website that will help you with creating mods for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings(external link).
Make sure you visit REDkit Forum(external link).

Here(external link) are all tutorials and information that you may find helpful when working with REDkit.

All tutorials are divided into categories. Two of those that most of you should start with are:
Editor Basics(external link) and Getting Started(external link)

The rest of categories are as follows:


Translation option is now available. If you would like to translate a particular page/tutorial into different language, please do not create a new page, just use the translation option (green globe in right, top corner). Thanks! :-)

Chat is embedded on Wiki Chat page. Please use only English.

If you find a new bug in REDkit, fill in this form(external link) and post it on Forum(external link). It will be very helpful ;)

Remember to create your level in folder data\levels\MYLEVEL

REDkit is available for free to owners of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC copies. If you do not own a copy of The Witcher 2 yet, click here(external link) to purchase it. Download REDkit here(external link). More information and support can be found at REDkit's official website(external link), where you can upload and download the mods.